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Functional Neurological Disorder

"Our son has a functional neurological disorder and after consulting many professionals who gave us grim predictions about his future, Dan was instrumental in helping my wife and I to understand that our son’s condition was treatable and that there was hope. He is an ‘out of the box’ thinker who really gets the complexity of neurological disorders. His deep empathy for families dealing with these issues is matched only by his knowledge and insight. We love Dan and highly recommend him." The Reed Family

Overwhelmed and Ill-Equipped

When our oldest child, now 15, was diagnosed with special needs in third grade, we felt overwhelmed and ill equipped. It was a confusing time...she came across as gifted yet surely had developmental issues that in many ways held her back. To make her case worse, advise we received from other professionals around us, (including her own teachers) were conflicting and caused for even more doubt as to what path we should take. It was the overall social issues that caused us the deepest concern. Thankfully, early on in our process and research, Dan and Vicki came alongside us as coaches made all the difference in what we ultimately found was possible. We saw incredible changes in her moods and behavior through adapting her diet and adding key exercise habits that not only benefited her body but her attitudes and mind as well. Our child is now a beautiful young woman who is thriving as a high school student. Dan’s extensive experience and research in child development and child education combined with his outside-the-box mindset and approach was truly an asset when it came to mentoring our family. I cannot even place a value on Dan Hagadorn’s gifts and dedication only to say he and his wife and partner are simply priceless! " The Julian Family

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