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  • The top 2 fears every parent has

    Discover why your two greatest fears about your children’s future are actually your two greatest strengths. You will conquer the fears that plague you about the most important job you'll ever do!

  • Seven lessons you never knew you learned in school

    Identify the deep rooted beliefs that are preventing true learning from happening. Understand how these beliefs are undermining you today. Experience clarity and freedom as a result...and just watch your kids thrive!

  • The five keys to successful mentorship

    Apply time-tested principles of mentorship to empower your child to become the very best version of themselves.

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    The private FaceBook group- PK4L Premium. There is nothing like being surrounded by like-minded people who understand your fears and struggles. We partner with you as an outfitter, guide and ally…because in the journey of parenting, you need all three.

  • Weekly FacebooklLive coaching call

    Tune in every Monday at 2pm CST when Daniel will broadcast live from the private Facebook Group. He will cover many topics, curate your questions and even host special guests. It will be an incredible and value packed hour each week. Knowledge APPLIED is power! The secret of getting better, is getting started. Put into practice what you’re learning... one step at a time.

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